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Repairing your roof to protect those underneath.

Roof damage can be the result of unknown issues or things beyond your control. Our roofers narrow down to the issue’s root cause and quickly remedy it to minimize disruptions in your day and prevent severe damage and additional costs.

Roof Repairs

Southwest Florida Repair Services

We have the capacity to perform any of the following repairs on both residential and commercial roofs:

  1. Leak Fixes
  2. Shingle / Tile Repair
  3. Storm Damage
  4. Improperly Installed Flashing & Other Materials
  5. Replacement of Fascia & Other Materials
  6. Gutters, Downspouts, Facia & Soffit
  7. Solar Fans and Skylights

Through a comprehensive inspection, our roofers can identify any of these known issues and begin to curate solutions fit for your property.

Our Process

At VPM Roofing, we’re here to help from estimate to project completion.

  1. Once you’ve requested your estimate, we start working to provide you with the right options based on your needs. 
  2. We walk you through a thorough explanation so you’re equipped to make an informed decision. 
  3. Have any questions or concerns? We make sure to address any that come up throughout the project duration immediately. 
  4. We perform work timely and handle all required inspections before the end of your service. 
  5. Your satisfaction is our top priority, so we work to ensure you’re pleased with the service and end product you received, as well as keep an open line of communication until the end so you can follow up with any additional questions.
  6. After completion, we will stand behind our work with a 4 year warranty on roof replacements and a 1 year warranty on repairs.

Experience peace of mind knowing we’ve got you covered.
Call or request a free estimate for your next roofing project.

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